“LIFE’S SHORT, RIDE HARD! . . . It’s not a slogan, it’s a lifestyle . . . taking full advantage of every minute and every opportunity.  We are passionate dirt bike riders who love adventure and all that it encompasses.

The Beginning:  Brad and Carol met at the sprint car races in Southern California 18 years ago . . . and have been on a life-adventure ever since.  Whether it be racing, dirt bike riding, boating, biking at the beach or traveling;  they are always on the go and up for anything.

Brad is a freelance fabricator.  A mid-western boy at heart, he spent many summers on his grandparents’ farm in Nebraska.  He traveled the country with The World of Outlaws and later raced his own sprint car, where he fulfilled his love for speed, and made many lasting friendships along the way.  An avid racer, rider, boater and occasional gardener, Brad’s desire to live life in wide-open spaces has motivated his every turn.

Carol, a southern California native, has been riding in the Mojave Desert with her family and friends for almost 40 years.  She is a legal secretary and has also enjoyed working as a child stunt double on occasion.  Her love of the outdoors inspires her pursuit of many passions; she enjoys spending time with her animals, as well as water-skiing, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and photography.  Is there anything this lady doesn’t do?!  She lives life to the fullest and believes there are no strangers, just friends yet to be made.

Our Newest Adventure:  MAD INK DESIGNS . . . t-shirts and apparel designed by dirt bikers for dirt bikers.  Our company and apparel line is the result of our inspired ideas with enthusiastic input from family, friends and fans of MAD INK.  We are committed to a quality product and are thankful for all the friendships we have gained along the way.

Pursue your passion!  Live life at full throttle, because Life’s Too Short!

Oh!  And if you’re wondering where the name comes from:

Brad Myers and Carol Dyer (MAD), and the INK . . . well, it’s on your shirt!